Beachy Head

Beachy Head is a popular tourist spot in East Sussex, United Kingdom. The main requirement was to increase holiday cottage bookings and reservations at the local pub for both rooms and dining.

Project details

Project details


Lead UI designer



The website needed a design refresh that had a more current aesthetic and was able to adapt to a variety of screens—from the largest desktop down to a mobile phone.

Being the lead UI designer, I defined the new visual style and set out the mechanisms for the elements and page layouts to scale responsively. The overall theme had to give a sense of the area whilst being able to attract tourists unfamiliar with Beachy Head.

Working closely with the internal team, the main UX for key journeys were defined along with revisions to the information architecture. Using low definition designs, quick prototypes were developed for the internal reviews and client presentations.

Results from the internal reviews and presentations, were fed back into the main high definition designs and a cycle of only 3 revisions were required.

At a glance

  • Visualise conception of key screens and elements for desktop and mobile platforms
  • Design user journeys and outcomes
  • Prototype user interactions
  • Revise designs based on the results of usertesting and product owner feedback
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