Copywriting Conference

From ProCopywriters, Copywriting Conference is one-day event for everyone who works with words. Includes a number of talks and a variety of breakout sessions.

Project details

Project details


UI design

The previous incarnations of the website where functional but lacked the polish of the events founders ProCopywriters own website.

Design mechanics and patterns from the brand where pushed to the fore-front of the site. This resulted in a vibrant and visually interesting experience, even on longer-from content pages.

A simple and clear layout was introduced to help present important but often ‘at a glance’ content like the schedule and list of main speakers.

At a glance

  • Inject more of the Copywriting Conference brand into the visual design of the website
  • Have an 'at a glance' layout that exposes all important information and content
  • Create responsive designs that adapts to a breadth of content
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