In conjunction with their rebranding, IMEX needed 3 new sites to focus on content and to unify their aesthetics. They also need to increase interest from both exhibitors and visitors by 30%.

Project details

Project details


Lead UI designer



As the lead UI designer, I helped define the styling and digital identity, visualize the conception of the key screens and elements for desktop and mobile platforms, and develop a design framework that could handle a wide breadth of content.

With collaborative sketching between the team and the client, the main user journeys and outcomes where quickly defined. There were high definition designs for page layouts and elements required fewer iterations as a result.

Designs were revised based on user-testing results and feedback from the product owner.

The brand was developed by an external agency and as such the visual identity of the website, and additional digital platforms (email, native applications) were heavily influenced by this work.

Constant contact and transparency with the external agency ensured that the brand and the digital identity were harmonious and consistent.

At a glance

  • Help define styling and digital brand for three websites
  • Visualise conception of key screens and elements for desktop and mobile platforms
  • Design user journeys and outcomes
  • Prototype user interactions
  • Revise designs based on the results of usertesting and product owner feedback
  • Design decks and co-present playback of each sprint
  • Document and deliver design guidelines for developers
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