Ladybird Books

As part of a larger rebranding project for Penguin Random House, Ladybird Books needed a similar refresh but also needed to consider a different audience. The site had to be engaging for 0 to 7-year old children while serving the needs of parents and carers.

Project details

Project details


UI designer



Being 1 of 2 UI designers within the team, I helped visualize the key screens and elements for desktop and mobile platforms and the design decks. I also co-presented the playback of each sprint, documented them, delivered the design guidelines for developers, and produced the final assets in a variety of formats

Collaborative sketching between the internal team and the client, helped define the key elements and page layouts. Extensive user-testing and feedback from the product owner gave additional insight into design decisions.

The visual design had to be consistent with mechanisms already defined for the main Penguin website, but had to retain its own identity.

At a glance

  • Visualise conception of key screens and elements for desktop and mobile platforms
  • Prototype user interactions
  • Revise designs based on the results of usertesting and product owner feedback
  • Document and deliver design guidelines for developers
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