Perch Umbra

Brighton based band with members Chris Mitchell, John Guzek, Jon Wood, and Chris Blakey. The unique solo project-turned-band play elemental, crystalline noise/art rock, and clutter-free psychedelic stories.

Project details

Project details



Album cover

With a mutual love of skateboarding and snowboarding, the band and myself already had a good sense of aesthetics that would work for the album and the band as a whole.

With the commissioned artwork for the front cover already completed, the band and album title, spine and reverse had to work harmoniously. A very loose form of hand drawn lettering complimented the front and for contrast the back used a solid vivid colour with a light and modern sans serif typeface.

In addition to the album cover I helped prepare social media assets for promotion of the launch.

At a glance

  • Define a visual style for the band
  • Create the design and layout of the album to compliment the artwork
  • Prepare final artwork for print
  • Design social media banners
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