ProCopywriters is a membership organisation for commercial writers. Founded and managed by copywriters their aim is to elevate the profession of copywriting and help copywriters promote themselves, find work and get support from their peers.

Project details

Project details


UI design

Having undergone a rebrand earlier in the year by the fantastic Bryan Kidd, ProCopywriters needed a website to reflect their new identity. Aside from aligning the website to their new brand, it was also an opportunity to rethink key user journeys and to identify pain points for new members signing up and businesses looking for freelance copywriters.

A clean and open design reflected the brand and also made longer content easy to digest and registration easier to complete. Using an uncluttered layout with prominent calls to action helped visitors focus on required tasks, whilst subtle signposting ensured they never ended at a dead end.

Simplifying the members directory surfaced results immediately without any intimidating form completion barriers. Those that wanted to refine their search had the option to do so without having information overload.

For handover, complete sets of desktop and mobile InVision prototypes where delivered along with all the required assets and a simple guide covering the core of the design principles.

At a glance

  • Interpret and adapt their new brand for their new responsive website
  • Identify current pain points and simplify user journeys
  • Create InVision prototypes, collate assets and create design guidance for handover
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