Shoreham Skatepark

The Shoreham Skatepark Committee (SSC) was formed in 2006 in order to raise funds and initiate the build of a local skatepark. The entire project has been a partnership between SSC and Adur District Council (ADC) with a shared vision for building the best skatepark in the area.

Project details

Project details


Identity, Promotional assets, Responsive website

I was honoured to help out the SCC with the development of their brand and also help with promotional assets and their website.

The main identity reflected the stamped tiles below the coping of the main bowl. Anyone who skateboards will instantly recognise this pattern and its abstract nature lends itself to various and interesting applications.

For existing and new users alike, the SCC required a responsive site that gave key information to visitors quickly. People wanted to know the location, transport links and the history of the skatepark and where less concerned with daily updates. To save on content and site maintenance, updates are handled over Facebook.

At a glance

  • Designed identity for multiple uses
  • Helped develop promotional assets
  • Designed and developed responsive website
Shoreham Skatepark identity Shoreham Skatepark identity Decal foil sticker Decal foil sticker Promotional t-shirt Promotional t-shirt Vinyl sticker Vinyl sticker Shoreham Skatepark website Shoreham Skatepark website